Working group: Agro-food

Mobility, food and energy consuming activities in and around the house cause over 70% of the environmental impacts from consumption. Meat and diary consumption, and energy use for cooling and cooking cause the main impacts. The Agro-food group will analyse how changes can be realised so that consumers on average will start use more sustainable ways of fulfilling their food needs. Analysis of cases of sustainable foody systems, and drivers an barriers to their use will play an important role in this. The working group consists of a variety of experts in the field of food, consumer research, sustainable design, business development and system innovation. In the planned workshops and conferences this group will:
  1. Discuss concepts for sustainable consumption;

  2. Identify cases of sustainable food consumption;

  3. Discuss drivers and barriers for implementation;

  4. Re-design cases and identify policy approaches that supports multiplication of case applications.