EXIOPOL Workshop: Externalities in an Input Output Framework

The EXIOPOL project develops a global input output database with environmental extensions and external cost values. This project organises a workshop on 5 March 2010 at CML, Eindsteinweg 2, Leiden, Netherlands. For pragmatic reasons, registration of the workshop is routed via the SCORE! website.

Register here for the EXIOPOL 5 March 2010 workshop.

The workshop program can be downloaded from

SCOPE2 Report
SCOPE2 is a project on policy instruments for SCP, executed by TNO, Lund University-IIIEE and SERI. The final SCOPE2 results can be downloaded from this website.
Click here for the draft SCOPE2 report.

Proceedings SCORE! Events
Several thousand pages of proceedings of the 3 SCORE workshops and 2 SCORE conferences are now on line. They can be found under 'SCORE! Events'; after clicking on an event, one can find all documentation per event. Enjoy!