Ernst-Jan van Hattum

Chair of O2 Global Network foundation

M.Sc.Eng. Industrial Design Ernst-Jan van Hattum
tel: +41 43 466 00 85

O2 Global Network foundation on sustainable design
c/o Butzenstr. 30 , CH-8910 , Affoltern am Albis , Switzerland

Director of Design and Innovation for Sustainability, with services in productdevelopment, innovation advice and education. Experienced with sustainable innovation at different kind of organisations since 1991.

O2 is an informal network for basically anybody interested in sustainable design. The ambition of O2 is to make sustainability a natural part of a design process. The network currently involves people with a background in industrial design, architecture, styling, graphic design, arts, fashion and people from universities, public authorities, companies and knowledge centres.
O2 believes that information and cultural exchange is vital for a better and broader understanding of sustainable design.
In order to connect people, O2 primarily uses electronic media, such as the website, country contactpoints (Hubs, Groups & Liaisons - over 70) and an o2 mailinglist at (more than 1100 members)

score interest / role:
The products, services and systems to be developed, designed and supplied, should support the end-user towards sustainable consumption.
Experiences and results of SCORE should be communicated to the global o2 network.