Governance for sustainability through transition management

Kemp, R. & Loorbach, D.

Our modern society is facing a growing number of complex and so called `wicked` problems that are symptoms of the increasing unsustainability of today`s society and are connected to the intertwining of economic, ecologic, socio-cultural, technological and institutional developments. In addition, the world around us is globalizing and becoming more diverse and more complex. To illustrate this, there is an increasing number of structural and persistent problems in sectors such as agriculture, mobility, housing and energy, that cannot be solved with the traditional short-term approaches. In order to properly address complex problems of this nature and to be able to make the transition to a sustainable society, a new policy- or governance-approach has to be adopted that is better fit to deal with the increasing complexity and diversity.


Paper for Technology Forecasting and Social Change (Maastricht University), Maastricht, The Netherlands
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