Eco-Design Guide, Environmentally improved Product Design case s

Ferrendier, S., Mathieux, F. & Rebitzer, G

This Guide tells the story of eco-design using case studies from the electrical and electronics industry. Successful eco-design needs information, as well as examples, to inspire those active in this area. Although there is already plenty of information available from academia as well as from industry (see bibliography), there is a shortage of well documented examples. To overcome this deficit, as part of the ECOLIFE Network, we have collected a number of case studies. While not all of them are success stories, and while not all of them are perfect examples, practical case studies, such as those presented here, are often more useful than theory and provide an invaluable learning experience. It is frequently argued that the move towards sustainable design needs to be built on three pillars: ecology, economy and society. The companies involved in this Guide have made progress on the first two of these pillars and are beginning to address the third.


Report of the Eco-life Thematic Network, Eco-design subgroup
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