The design of eco-efficient services; Method, tools and review

Brezet, J.A., Bijma, S.A. & Silvester, S.

This report presents a methodology for the design of eco-efficient services. The methodology has two parts. The first is an extension of the familiar five-step product development process to which a preliminary exploration step has been added. This part is a novel approach to help conceptualize the system to be designed. It focuses the design team`s attention on three aspects: the device, the institutional or infrastructural context, and on user practices. These three aspects of eco-efficient service are displayed in a Sustainable Systems Triangle to facilitate the conceptualization process. The second part of the methodology is designed to assist the design team during the exploration, policy formulation, and idea finding steps along the overall development pathway. The new methodology is illustrated by a series of cases.


Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) & Delft University of Technology
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