Sirpa L. A. Kurppa


Prof. Sirpa Kurppa
tel: +358-40-5486968, +358-3-41882522
fax: +358-3-41882584

MTT Agrifood Research Finland , Plant Production Research
R-house , FI-31600 , Jokioinen , Finland

Research experice on environmental impact of food production, LCA and eco-efficiency.
Research expertice on the agricultural implications of biodiversity and social linkages.
Research for the European Commission, in order to develop information the EU environmental policy.

score interest / role:
More than 25 years of research experience incorporating environmental issues into production of arable and horticultural plant biomasses and implementation of the key issues of sustainable development into food and feed chain and rural entrepreneurship. Recently more concentrating into consumer aspects, in order to find ways to communicate to clients of food chain and rural enterprises in a more sophisticated way. The challenging interest is to build up common understanding on environmental issues and sustainability requirements among stakeholders, comprehensively through chains of food production and services, in local and international market. The concrete approaches of the research are the supply chain management based LCA (life cycle assessment), ecodesign of rural products and foresight of food consumption trends.