Serge de Gheldere

ceo / design engineer

Ing Serge de Gheldere
tel: +32 16 50 37 50
fax: +32 16 50 37 23

Hungaria 35, Vaartkom 35 , B-3000 , Leuven , Belgium

Futureproof/ed is a design studio driven by one simple, central thought: how can better design reduce the environmental impact of products, services and systems.

Futureproof/ed expertise is focused sustainable product design and passive solar building design, two major sources of CO2 emissions and environmental degradation.

Serge de Gheldere trained as an electro-mechanical engineer in Groep T, Leuven (B) with a focus on materials technology and product design, and as a master in polymer and composites engineering at the KU Leuven (B). His masters` thesis was on light, efficient thermoplastic composite structures under guidance of Professor Beukers at TU Delft.
?Serge then worked as a product development engineer for Baxter R&D Europe for 7 years, designing and developing the industry`s first system to eliminate blood-borne pathogens in platelets, spending 15 months on a project assignment in Chicago and receiving a Baxter Technical Achievement award and two patents.

With Futureproof/ed, Serge has acted as curator of an exhibition on eco-design; as designer in residence at Natalie Jeremijenko`s xDesign lab at Yale; sat on several product design juries; and recently was invited as a guest speaker at Stanford David H. Liu Memorial lecture series and at Yale`s Wearing Social Change conference.

score interest / role:
1. By now most people recognize the environmental problem
2. There are an overwhelming number of demonstrated solutions for more sustainable production and use of products, buildings and systems
3. Yet, these solutions have failed to enter in the mainstream why is that ? what are we missing here ?
4. I see my role in Score in working mainly on that part on the equation: what can we do to more `mainstream` the existing solutions.
5. I would like to propose to work on a framework, `Getting things green` that brings together a set doable, actionable, compelling, and financially attractive solutions and tools for making progress on dramatically reducing worldwide CO2 emission and environmental degradation.

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