Emma Dewberry

Senior Lecturer in Design for Sustainability

Dr Emma Dewberry
tel: 01509 228333
fax: 01509 223999

Loughborough University , Design and Technology , LE12 3TU , Loughborough , UK

PhD in ecodesign (OU,1996) Working in ecodesign since 1990. Currently based at Loughborough University, UK. Recent research explores Design Dialogues Towards Factor 10. Previous experience: Course Director for the MSc Design for Sustainability (DfS) at Cranfield University, UK; co-author of d.e.m.i.( -2000 - a multimedia educational resource aimed at introducing DfS concepts to UK undergraduate design students. Joint co-ordinator for BA Ecodesign at Goldsmiths College, University of London (1999-2001).

score interest / role:
I am interested in how to galvanise creativity in meeting the challenges of resource limits. How to reframe our `location points` and to consider ways of exciting people about new business and social opportunities that take account of ecological limits. My research focuses on: 1. design for sustainability (DfS) strategy and implementation (exploring a broader context for design processes and outcomes e.g. design for sufficiency; equity and risk; and joined-up thinking and associated activities); 2. Design Dialogues Towards Factor 10 - How does a DfS view inform different dialogues in organisations effectively question levels of consumption and promote alternative `satisfiers` for human needs? 3. Education - Sustainability as a way of thinking, not just a collection of bits of information.