Professor Rajkumar Roy

Head of Decison Engineering Centre

Professor Rajkumar Roy
tel: 01234 750111 Ext 5523

Cranfield University , Decision Engineering Centre
Building 50, Cranfield, Bedford , MK43 0AL , Bedford , UK

Professor Rajkumar Roy has a background in manufacturing engineering and artificial intelligence. He started his professional career in manufacturing industry back in 1987, and worked in the area of knowledge engineering, decision support and shop floor implementation of expert systems. His research projects have a strong focus on industrial applications.

Professor Roy is currently leading the research in Decision Engineering area at Cranfield. The research theme includes Engineering Cost Estimating, Design Optimisation and Micro-Knowledge Management. He is a Chartered Engineer, and members of international organisations such as IEEE, IED, and ACostE and has co-authored four books in his area of research. Professor Roy is also involved in developing further research in national and European level.

Areas of expertise:
qualitative cost modelling
engineering design decision support, design optimisation, design methodology
capture and reuse of design and manufacturing knowledge
evolutionary computing, neural computing, fuzzy logic, expert systems, software agents
business intelligence

score interest / role:
Competitive PSS Design
PSS lifecycle management
PSS Design methodologies
PSS cost and affordability prediction