Tobias C. Larsson

Professor and head of division

Prof. Dr. Ing. Tobias C. Larsson
tel: +46 920 493 043
fax: +46 70 388 16 34

Luleň University of Technology , Functional Product Development
TFM / FPD , 97187 , Luleň , Sweden

The core focus of today is within Product Development, Knowledge Based Methods and Functional Product Development (Product Service Systems) where sustainable development is a core desire. The product development process design and efficiency is of interest. The focus is on Functional Product Development where the combination of physical artefact development and services development is joined in early concept stages with support of knowledge based methods for faster development of new solutions to industrial and societal needs and opportunities. Automation of engineering work tasks with use of design rationale analysis and simulation approaches are in focus.

TCL is currently supervising 7 PhD students and has examined PhD`s and licentiate degrees. TCL has contributed in over 50 publications within his research area. TCL has initiated and finalized several research projects. TCL is one of the leading persons behind, and also research in, the Faste Laboratory, a VINN Excellence Centre within functional product development. He is co-founder of the Design for Wellbeing framework, a joint research project together with Stanford University and Hosei University.

score interest / role:
- Reduce energy in development
- Reduce footprint of developed, and in-use, products and services
- Sustainable product development and innovation

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