Chengqing LIU

Associate Prof. & Editor

Associate Prof. Chengqing LIU
tel: 86-135-53182076
fax: 86-531-82963094

Shandong Normal University , CPRE Editorial Office /Research Center for Sustainable Development of Shandong Province
No.88, East Wenua Road , 250014 , Jinan , PR China

Research fellow in the Research Center for Sustainable Development of Shandong Province.
Associate professor directing a Master program in resource and environmental economics, Shandong Normal University.
Editor of the Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment, a leading academic journal in sustainable development research fields in China.
Main works: Introduction to Sustainable Development Management, Beijing: Science Press, 2003
BSc. 1987-1991, Department of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University;
MEcon. 1998-2001, School of Economics, Shandong University
Dr. Candidate, 2004- ,School of Economics, Shandong University

score interest / role:
1. Green labelling and green branding;
2. Ecological compensation mechanism.