Tom Fisher

Professor of Art and Design

Prof Tom Fisher
tel: 01158488455

Nottingham Trent University
Burton Street , Nottingham , UK

From a background in Design and Fine Art, Tom Fisher`s research interests are in human/ object relationships in a range of settings from the materiality of everyday objects to the immateriality of musical performance. His research has concentrated on the role that materials play in everyday experiences with objects and this has informed work on the reuse of packaging (with Janet Shipton) and an ethnographic study of hair care practices (with Sabine Hielscher). He is also interested in the aspects of material culture that escape the attention of professionals, whether designers or legislators and is currently working on a project about the indigenous design that emerges as part of protest.

score interest / role:
Tom Fisher`s interest in sustainable consumption centres on the intersection of cultural values, social relationships and materiality in everyday routines. Opportunities to change routines and to modify their environmental impact can only derive from understanding such interesections.