SCORE! offers people various ways to be involved:

1. Subscribe to the newsletter. If you just want to be informed about the progress of the network, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

2. Register as member. If you want to be part of the Network community, register as member. Members will automatically receive newsletters. You can be involved in two ways:
* As (passive) expert member: you will be listed in the Network`s expert database, visible via the home page.
* As (active) participant in one or more Network working groups.
After registration you will receive a password that allows you to login, create your personal expert page, and indicate if you want to participate in working groups.

3. Participation in events. On 5 March 2010, the EXIOPOL project organises a workshop on externalities in an input output framework at CML, Leiden. Participation is limited to around 35 people, so register timely!
Subsribe to newsletter.

Register as a member.

Register for event: EXIOPOL Workshop Externalities in an Input Output Framework