TNO, Delft, Netherlands
TNO forms a leading center on sustainable system innovation. It plays a leading role in the Dutch System Innovation Program (10 Mio Euro) and co-ordinates major EU projects in the field of SCP such as SusProNet (network in the field of Sustainable Service Design) and POPA-DACT, a project analysing the 'willingness to innovate' in 4 key ETAP sectors (1.5 Mio each). Arnold Tukker is TNO-STB's Sustainable Innovation program manager and managed various 1-2 Million Euro projects.

The Centre For Sustainable Design, Farnham, UK
CfSD is one of the few centres that combines insights in sustainable design with broad knowledge of marketing and business management. Prof Martin Charter is the Centre's Co-ordinator and has an MBA and business background. CfSD organises regular well known conferences in the field of sustainable innovation and henc an important network organisation. He is involved in various major EU and other projects in the field of the electronics sector.

Polytechnico di Milano – Indaco, Milano, Italy
The INDACO (Industrial Design, Art, Communication and Fashion) Department of the Politecnico di Milano University, is a Training and Research Centre in Design. It is active in different fields: from product design to communication, from interaction design to interior design and from design services to strategic design. It managed the EU Highly Customerized Solutions Project (2.5 Mio Euro) and starts now with the FP6 project EMUDE (emerging user demands for sustainabilty), of about 0.7 Million Euro.

SIFO, Oslo, Norway
SIFO is a well-known consumer research centre in Norway, involved in various labelling schemes and organisations. Eivind Sto managed the Toolsust project, an about 1.5 Million Euro project analysing consumption patterns in various EU member states, and the potential for sustainability

Riso, Roskilde, Denmark
RISO's aim of the program of technologyscenarios is to carry out analyses of commercial, societal and scientific possiblities and their consequences in relation to the selection, development and commercial application of new technologies and systems. Maj Munch Andersen is specialised in policy for sustainable innovation processes, working a.o. with MERIT, and other partners in SCORE!

Vito, Mol, Belgium
VITO is the Flemish Institute for Technological Research. They are the pioneering institute in Belgium in the field of SPD, and serves currently as the Ecodesign Knot for the Flemish region and also developed the Flemish Factor 10 platform. Theo Geerken manages the Product and Technologies Project group and participates in the FP5 TN SusProNet. The group is involveld in several European networks and national projects with strong relation to LCA, ecodesign, sustainability evaluation, technology assessment, and currently studies for the Belgian government sustainable mobility structures.

Econcept, Agency For Ecology And Design Advice, Köln, Germany
econcept is the German Agency for Sustainable Design of Products and Services. Beside of company consulting, training and teaching, publications and conferences the agency is especially involved in research (German, European and international) on the above mentioned field. They are partners partly with leading roles in networks such as prepare, O2, SusProNet and involved in standardization acitivities (DIN/ ISO) and juries of design awards etc.

Electricité de France, Clamart, France
EDF, the French power utility, has made sustainability one of its core values. Mr. Lahlou has ample experience in behavioural studies and connects this to analysis of futuristic work and living environments, and sustainable behaviour of consumers.