Workshop 2: SCP cases in the field of food, mobility and housing, in June 2007
Workshop 2 was be mainly organized in parallel sessions along the 3 domains (Food/agriculture; Energy/electronics; Mobility). The workshop took place on 4 and 5 June in Paris. The workshop took sustainable consumption cases as a starting point. The specialists of the content fields were divided over the parallel sessions in such a way, that in each domain specialists with different content backgrounds contribute to the discussion. In each area about 10 cases were discussed. The multi-disciplinary teams, organized per domain, discussed for each case issues such as:
Potential for sustainability gains and potential for rebound effects
Potential for market penetration/drivers and barriers
Success/failure factors: is user awareness in combination with informative instruments a decisive factor in success?
Creative process: can the case/solution be re-designed in such a way, that a high market penetration and high sustainability gains are likely? Which supportive policy could be needed?
Reflection on the case