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Conference 2: SCP - Framework for Action
(March 2008)

SCORE’s Launch conference in 2006 attracted over 250 participants and had about 90 presentations. For our 2nd conference in 2008, we want to beat these numbers! And with over 110 accepted presentations already, we are well on track. For the present conference, a group of scientists and NGO’s teamed up to develop and launch a ‘Framework of Action on SCP’ for consideration of policy makers world wide. The conference also will mark the launch of the structure of the permanent SCORE spin off in support of the UN’s 10 Year Framework of Programs. Join us on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 March 2008, Halles des Tanneurs, in Brussels, Belgium! Keynotes already have been confirmed by the EU presidency (represented by Prof. Turk, Minister for Growth of Slovenia), and the EU DG Environment, who plan to launch their SCP Action plan in Spring 2008. The booklet below gives the full program and other logistical information.