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Conference 1: SCORE! Launch conference
(23 November 2006)

The SCORE! Launch conference (CO1) took place between 23 and 25 November in Wuppertal, Germany. It was organised back to back with a UNEP / CSCP invite-only event (November 22/23) where policy makers involved in the 10 Year Framework and other stakeholders discussed what key questions they face in moving the SCP agenda forward and which scientific support this would imply. The conference had three goals: 1. To mark the official launch of the SCORE Network 2. Provide an opportunity for input of case studies on mobility, food, and housing for the next, practical phase of SCORE 3. Build a broad platform for presenting work of science and scientists that may be of direct relevance for the activities of the 10 Year Framework Task Forces Conference topics Slides of the keynote speeches of prof. Dennis Meadows and Nic Marks are included below. The proceedings (see below) contain refereed papers on the following issues: Consumers, behaviour and lifestyles Products, services and product-services-systems (PSS) Procurement and supply chains Developing country perspectives Education for SCP Tourism and travel Construction and buildings Mobility Agro-food Energy and electronics