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SCOPE2/ASCEE dissemination event.
( 6 May 2009)

In support of EU and international policies on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), the EU’s 6th Framework program funded in 2006 two projects that analysed the effectiveness of policy instruments in realizing SCP. It concerns: • SCOPE2 (Sustainable Consumption Policy Effectiveness Evaluation), by TNO, Lund University/IIIEE and SERI; • ASCEE, executed by IÖW, IES and SIFO. Both projects now have come to an end and will present there findings in an interactive Dissemination event on: Wednesday 6 May 2009, Brussels, 10.00 am to 16.30 pm Both projects provide important insights into how to shape policies and use policy instruments, both in a traditional and innovative way, to foster SCP. Both studies made broad inventories of instruments, looked at voluntary (business) initiatives, analysed case studies, and analysed how instruments and initiatives can be combined in a systemic context to create most synergies and effect. The event will present the results of the projects, and provide a platform for discussion and exchange with similar ongoing initiatives. The event can accommodate around 60 participants at maximum and is free of charge. You can register until 15 April 2009 at under ‘register’. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the latest reservations in case these cause overbooking of the room The program includes a poster session. People working on projects in similar areas are invited cordially to sent a short abstract (or a PDF of the poster) to before 15 April 2009 – there will be no formal peer-review, though the organizers will remain the right to reject posters if they are obviously out of scope or clearly below quality. The workshop is in part also a preparative event for the launch of the manifesto ‘A Blueprint on SCP’, organized by the most important NGO umbrella in the sustainability field, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). SCOPE2 project team members contributed to the writing of this document. The Blueprint Launch takes place at Thursday 7 May, location to be announced, in Brussels (for more information you can contact Doreen Fedrigo of EEB at