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Workshop 1: Perspectives on Radical Changes to SCP
(20 April 2006)

In Workshop 1 (WS1) the four science fields (business development, design, consumer science and system innovation policy) took centre stage. Each of these fields has one or more own conceptual views of how to govern (radical) changes towards Sustainable Consumption and Consumption structures. WS1 wanted to organise a "creative confrontation" of such views of the SCORE! members and invited practitioners. This results in an overview and (partial) consolidation of such conceptual insights, which is the input for the next stage of the project. The ambition is that, next to proceedings, an edited book with the most interesting workshop papers complemented with state of the art reviews of the SCORE! team will be published. Program and proceedings can be downloaded from below. The workshop was held on Thursday 20 and Wednesday 21 April 2006 in meeting rooms kindly made available by the European Environment Agency (EEA) at its premises in Copenhagen, Denmark. The SCORE! team greatly acknowledges this support of the EEA to the SCP community.