This is an overview of all the SCORE! events. Click on an event title or one of the square boxes on the timeline, and will have access to the detailed information and documents belonging to that SCORE! event.
Workshop 1: Perspectives on Radical Changes to SCP >
(20 April 2006)
In Workshop 1 (WS1) the four science fields (business development, design, consumer science and system innovation policy) took centre stage. Each of these fields has one or more own conceptual views of how to govern (radical) changes towards...

Conference 1: SCORE! Launch conference >
(23 November 2006)
The SCORE! Launch conference (CO1) took place between 23 and 25 November in Wuppertal, Germany. It was organised back to back with a UNEP / CSCP invite-only event (November 22/23) where policy makers involved in the 10 Year Framework and other...

Workshop 2: SCP cases in the field of food, mobility and housing >
(June 2007)
Workshop 2 was be mainly organized in parallel sessions along the 3 domains (Food/agriculture; Energy/electronics; Mobility). The workshop took place on 4 and 5 June in Paris. The workshop took sustainable consumption cases as a starting point....

Workshop 3: Framework for Action for SCP >
(November 2007)
WS3 (29-30 November) abstracts the lessons of WS2 to a higher level, leading to concepts models and case typologies of successful implementation approaches for sustainable consumption in the domains food, mobility and housing/energys. The result...

Conference 2: SCP - Framework for Action >
(March 2008)
SCOREís Launch conference in 2006 attracted over 250 participants and had about 90 presentations. For our 2nd conference in 2008, we want to beat these numbers! And with over 110 accepted presentations already, we are well on track.

For the...

EEB-SCORE Side Event European Regional SCP meeting >
(31 October 2008)
The European Environmental Bureau is the umbrella of European Environmental NGOs. They have developed the idea to develop a 'Blueprint on SCP' as a reaction to the EU SCP action plan, in collaboration with the scientific community represented by...

SCOPE2/ASCEE dissemination event. >
( 6 May 2009)
In support of EU and international policies on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), the EUís 6th Framework program funded in 2006 two projects that analysed the effectiveness of policy instruments in realizing SCP. It concerns:
ē SCOPE2...

EXIOPOL Workshop >
( 5 March 2010)
The EU FP6 Project EXIOPOL organises a workshop on Friday 5 March 2010 at CML, Leiden University, the Netherlands. The workshop is co-organised by TNO and CML and pragmatically the SCORE! website is used for registration and documentation purposes.