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Austrian Ecodesign Platform

This is the site of the Austrian Information platform. You can find here important hints about ECODESIGN.

Centre for Sustainable Design

The CfSD website is a resource base in the field of ecodesign. The site gives much information on the electronics sector, etc.

Domus industrial design

Brazilian design office.

Industrial Ecology Programme Norway

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) offers an international MSc program and a PhD in industrial ecology. Consumption issues are addressed both in teaching and in research. In the publications section, you will find a number of reports and working papers related mostly to assessing the environmental pressures caused by consumption, including those from embodied in imports.

O2 - international network on sustainable design

O2 is an international network (including O2 groups, O2 liaisons and O2s) on sustainable design, that provides information on books, sites, reports, etc. on sustainable design by means of the O2 website, O2 mailing-/discussion list and local websites.

Postgraduate School of Industrial Ecology

The Postgraduate school of Industrial Ecology (PSIE) is a series of research training courses to develop the research skills and knowledge of early stage researchers in Industrial Ecology. PSIE targets Ph.D. candidates, young researchers and faculty members who want to address sustainable production and consumption in their research. PSIE is organized by a consortium of 12 European universities and funded by the EU Marie Curie programme. Application deadline is 1 November 2006.

UNEP website on SCP and Marrakech

The website provides information on the Marrakech process with all reports (international and regional consultations) free downloadable, as well as an overview of the MTF`s (Marrakech Task Force), with Terms of References and contact persons. The site furthermore provides an overview of the Sustainable Consumption Programme (including Life Cycle Initiative, Advertising, Retail, Ecodesign, Youth) and gives direct access to UNEP`s newsletter.\sustain

[re]design is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the work of designers who don`t want to make landfill. We are passionate about design as a catalyst for positive social and environmental change. [re]design seeks out and promotes products that are genuinely good and gorgeous. We put together innovative projects that spark and nurture sustainable design ideas, building relationships that help bring concepts to fruition. [re]design believe, now more than ever, that design is key to winning the public over to sustainable lifestyles. Now people know what the problems are, they need access to inspirational ideas, tools, services and products designed to move us towards sustainability.