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Discovering the Soul of Service; The nine drivers of sustainabl
Berry, L.L.. 1999, Free Press, New York, USA.

The design of eco-efficient services; Method, tools and review
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Products to Services
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Framework Report for Pro-Environmental Behaviours
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Household consumption and the environment
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Eco-Design Guide, Environmentally improved Product Design case s
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Sustainable Homeservices?
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Selection of sustainable product improvement alternatives
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The Seeds of Sustainable Consumption Patterns
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Consumption and the Rebound Effect: An Industrial Ecology Perspe
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Life cycle approaches to sustainable consumption: A critical rev
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Motivating Sustainable Consumption - a review of evidence on con
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Governance for sustainability through transition management
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Managing transitions for sustainable development
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Product-Service-Systems and Sustainability, opportunities for su
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Reaching Sustainable Consumption through the Concept of a Produc
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Introducing and developing a Product-Service System (PSS) concep
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The design of Product/Service Systems from a designer`s perspect
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Designing Product/Service Systems: a methodological exploration
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The Role of Consumption and Consumers in Zero Emission Strategie
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Innovation Scan for Product Service Systems; A manual for the de
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